About Us

1. About Us

Revista Avant is an independent publication conceived by the university undergraduate students. Our idea to create a vehicle to promote the debate and disclose the scientific work in several legal areas produced by undergraduate students came from the observation of a lacking, in some subjects, of incentive to research in the early years of graduation. Therefore, in order to value the research, its necessary to encourage the debate and the social use of the knowledge produced. By means like the tool we now present – a space that publicizes the quality academic production from students of numerous law schools in the country – we intend to achieve such goals.

We noticed that there was a lacking in the academic midst regarding publications that were willing to encourage and to publicize work written by undergrad students. This omission, whether be chosen or unthought, maintains inaccuracies in shaping professionals and its critics, which results in showing themselves unable to relate the informations acquired in the classroom with the reality.

This space was idealized as a possibility to encourage the active posture in the learning process. We fight for a teaching method that promotes not only the reproduction of contents, but the construction of logic and debate. We believe that a change in posture, made by more pro-active actions, will contribute to create more capable and competent professionals. Thus, this publication appear as a complementary way in the development of law students and related areas, offering an incentive to research and a mean to disclose their works


2.  Submitting and Review

Only the manuscripts written in portuguese by undergraduate students or graduates who are not currently in post-graduation studies will be accepted by the Editorial Board and forwarded to evaluation.

This Journal uses a blind peer review system for evaluation.


3. Publicity

This Journal will be available online in its website, with public access for free to all contents.